The best radio sound ever!

This is light years beyond any other kind of radio out there!

How it's done:
UHD Radio Stations to check out:
LG73 LG73 - Vancouver's Hit Music Mix!
Max Radio Vancouver's Maximum Variety!
New West Rock New West Rock - The Royal City’s Classic Rock!
Uptown Radio Uptown Radio - The Soul of New West!

First there was radio, it was mono and it was good. Then there was FM Stereo radio and it was better. Now there's UHD Radio and we believe it's the best radio sound ever!

We start with crystal clear PCM digital audio sources, many stored in Apple Lossless Codec format. Then we process the audio with the Orban Optimod PCn 1600, the most advanced digital radio audio processing system in the world. We've super-tuned the Optimod to create our own signature sounds. We started with a base profile developed by legendary broadcast audio processing guru Greg Ogonowski then we tweak and modify it to get our own signature sound. Then we encode and stream on the Internet using the StreamS Hi-Fi Live HLS Encoder as well as the StreamS Hi-Fi Legacy encoder for our Icecast streams. HLS is HTML5 Live Streaming and it's the best digital audio streaming system available. HLS works directly with modern web servers including Amazon S3 without the need for proprietary streaming servers. Ideal for mobile listening, HLS has large buffers to insure uninterrupted audio. The Streams Live Encoder uses the best codecs available including our favourite genuine Fraunhofer xHE-AAC along with AAC, and HE-AACv1. We're huge fans of the awesome new xHE-AAC codec, presently the most advanced and efficient audio codec on the planet. We're so impressed with xHE-AAC we've dropped all of our HE-AACv2 streams!

What does this mean? It means UHD Radio delivers crystal clear stereo or 5.1 surround sound audio with excellent mobile stability along with song ID tags and album art available in all modern web browsers and compatible apps.

The xHE-AAC streams presently require StreamS Hi-Fi Radio for playback. Versions for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV are available in the App Store. Find the 4 xHE-AAC streams for the stations listed above in the Featured Stations and Cool Streams sections of the app.

We look forward to future options for xHE-AAC stream playback on multiple mobile and computer platforms!

Extreme listening pleasure is just a click or tap away with UHD Radio!

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